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Artificial grass (also known as synthetic turf/fake grass) was first introduced back in the 1950s, but it gained its reputation and popularity in the next decade when Houston’s Astrodome expressed the need to replace the natural grass. Shortly after, artificial grass – lawn started becoming more and more present on sports grounds. And today, artificial grass represents irreplaceable equipment at not only many stadiums, but at private yards as well. Due to low requirements for lawn maintenance when artificial grass used, artificial grass is becoming a more popular option for household owners. Its durability – the lifespan of 20 years, combined with always green and fresh appearance, makes the artificial lawn useful equipment and cost-effective investment.

Although there are numerous manuals on how one can install artificial grass, it is always the best option to delegate the task of artificial grass - lawn installation to professionals. This article aims to emphasize the most important things you should know about artificial grass, lawn installation and lawn maintenance services.


Artificial grass is synthetic fiber designed with the idea of substituting natural grass since the latter is dependent on many factors. While the natural grass can bring a vivid refreshment to one’s yard, artificial grass - lawn will do the same, but it also has both ecological and financial advantages when compared to the natural grass. 


Artificial grass is eco-friendly which means that it helps with the conservation of multiple environmental factors. One of the best examples is water conservation whose importance is being more visible with every dry year. It estimated that only one square foot of artificial grass could save up to 190 liters of water annually. Regarding lawn maintenance, pesticides not required for the maintenance of artificial grass, which is a huge advantage considering all the health concerns related to pesticide usage. Maintenance of natural grass lawns involves the use of gas-powered machines, while maintenance of artificial grass - lawns do not. This aspect impacts carbon emissions and, consequently, air pollution in which mowing takes a remarkable place. It estimated that almost 5% of global carbon emissions happen because of mowing.


Lawn - artificial grass installation is a long-term investment. Some surveys show that artificial grass lawns will pay for themselves a lot before their expiration date. Low costs of artificial grass lawn maintenance secure additional savings of time, money, equipment and water. It is calculated that artificial grass will end up cheaper than the natural grass in less than three years since installment.


It is of high importance to get artificial grass lawn installation done adequately since the poor artificial grass lawn installation can influence the overall visual appearance of the ground where the synthetic grass installed. Depending on the nature of a project where artificial grass and lawn installation are required, several things must not be overlooked.

The first step, in any case, is size estimation, as this factor is determining a lot of other aspects of artificial grass lawn installation.

After this task completed, one would have to clear the area where the artificial grass lawn will be installed, since the clear base is one of the most important things for a proper artificial grass lawn installation. If there already is a lawn that will be replaced, the process of ground clearing should include the removal of sod, rocks, roots, etc.

The next step is removing the top layer of soil, to make space for the new artificial grass installation base.

Proper drainage is essential since it affects the lifespan of an artificial grass lawn. The amount of drainage gaps depends on the amount of rainfall in the area where artificial grass lawn installation is taking place.

It is important also to install a border at the edges of the artificial grass lawn area. It should prevent the lawn from getting slumped. A weed barrier can be added as well, as weed removal is one of the most common activities when it comes to artificial grass lawn maintenance.

Other necessary steps include considering base height, gravel sub-base, grading, compacting the base, cutting the grass, seaming and generally accommodating artificial grass lawn to one’s preferences. These actions can perform in a DIY manner, but it is usually advised to hire any of the lawn installation and maintenance services out there.


The most significant advantage of a synthetic grass lawn is maintenance. Artificial grass lawn requires a lot of attention but maintaining the process itself is not hard or expensive to afford. Also, it is essential to understand that some artificial grass lawn involves work, and some need less – this depends on such factors as environment, size, etc.

Whether an artificial grass lawn maintenance and installation service are engaged in this task or whether one decides to do it alone, these things should be done or considered:

  • Artificial Grass Brushing. Brushing an artificial grass lawn is essential for maintaining its perfect condition. This action is supposed to secure the lifespan of an artificial lawn and to enchase the natural look of your artificial grass lawn.
  • Heavy objects on artificial lawnsHeavy objects on artificial grass lawns will eventually leave an imprint, so if possible, that should be avoided. However, fiber can be fixed with brushes for some time.
  • Leaves removal from artificial grassNaturally, when the autumn comes, some leaves will cover one’s yard. A leaf blower usually is used to remove the fallen leaves from artificial grass.
  • Fire and artificial grassBecause artificial grass is a synthetic fiber, any direct contact with fire and ashes will cause severe damage to the artificial lawn. This damage can be repaired, but the trails will likely remain visible.
  • Artificial grass and winterIf snow remains on the artificial grass, it is not advisable to manually remove it. It should be left until it melts down on its own since manual removing can cause damage to the synthetic fiber.
  • Weed removal on the artificial lawnIf cleaning the area was not done correctly, some weeds can start growing. It is advisable to remove them manually.
  • Rinsing artificial grassIt is essential for this task to be frequently done, along with brushing. Those two actions will ensure that the artificial grass lawn remains clean. Rinsing it, then brushing can help with visual appearance. Also, any stench cannot affect the quality of artificial grass, but one can get rid of it with water or enzyme cleaner.

For the best results, you should hire the artificial grass lawn maintenance and installation services. No matter the fact that maintenance of the artificial grass lawn is a way more comfortable than the maintenance of the natural grass lawn, upkeep essentially must be done correctly. Artificial lawn maintenance and installation services offer full maintenance service with their equipment, so avoiding them in the maintaining process is instead an unwise move.

Almost every artificial grass lawn maintenance and installation service provider can perform the tasks mentioned above but is not limited to them. If, for example, a leveling of low and high spots required, the artificial grass lawn maintenance and installation services should also help. Hiring professionals are always one of the best things to do since they will do the job efficiently and correctly. Also, lawn maintenance services offer individual plans so that one can choose between monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance. Bringing a decision about the interval of maintaining service should be determined by environmental conditions.


Artificial grass can sustain up to twenty years, and it will stay green and good looking throughout a whole year. It makes synthetic grass lawns favorite amongst household owners, sports clubs, schools. However, since artificial grass lawn is made of synthetic fibers, it requires installation instead of planting, and specialized maintenance. Artificial grass lawn has effects on the eco-system, since it conserves a lot of water, and maintaining it need not require the use of gas-powered equipment which participates in air pollution. The artificial grass lawn is pesticide-free as well, which makes them free of any toxic chemicals. That makes them also pet-friendly. Some extra care should be taken when dealing with fire, snow and heavy objects. These are some of the rare disadvantages when comparing artificial and natural grass.

Equipment such as plate compactor, water roller, and a power broom are necessary tools for artificial grass lawn installation. Let the artificial grass lawn installation, maintenance services do a lawn installation and maintenance job to guarantee the job will be carried out appropriately. For simple, frequent maintenance tasks, such as brushing and rinsing, one does not have to hire professional lawn maintenance services.